Win ‘My Dad Thinks He’s Funny’ by Katrina Germein

Back in my student days, before I started my job at Black Dog Books, I worked in hospitality. From small, dingy, hip cafes to fine dining restaurants, I’ve worked as a waitress, a barista, and cafe assistant.  I’ve worked in the cities and out in the suburbs. I even worked on a paddle boat once. After all these years of experience I noticed the same joke come up time and time again. It goes something like this…

I say,  “Would you like sugar with your coffee?”

And the customer says, “No thanks, I’m sweet enough already.”

When I read, Katrina Germein’s My Dad Thinks He’s Funny it all made sense. These men (and yes they were all men who said it!) were masters of the bad, cringe-worthy Dad joke. You know the ones. The jokes that only Dads seem to find funny.

This week we’ll be giving away this hilarious picture book.

For your chance to win all you have to do is tell us your best (or should I say worst?) Dad joke. The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

Good Luck!

Sorry this competition is open to Australian residents only.

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20 Responses to Win ‘My Dad Thinks He’s Funny’ by Katrina Germein

  1. Jackie says:

    EVERY New Year’s Day my Dad likes to tell us that he hasn’t showered since last year. Ca Tish! (That’s the sound of a drum!)

  2. Belinda Jordan says:

    Ok, here’s to great funny jokes. This one came from my Uncle.

    “What’s this?(Wagging little finger up and down)”
    “It’s a micro-wave!”
    The laughter that came afterwards was funnier than the joke, but the joke is cute too. Try it on a little friend, they love it.

    Have a good weekend. (Micro waving…..)

  3. katswhiskers says:

    Oh! I got one yesterday, from our neighbour, when he was making me a cup of coffee.

    “I only use longlife milk. That way I’ll live longer.”

    Kat Apel

  4. Ree says:

    When we were kids my Dad used to take our family to restaurants and after we finished our meal and the waiter asked if we’d like a doggy bag, Dad would always ask “How do you know we have a dog?” 😉

  5. Caz Williams says:

    “Dad, I’m thirsty!”
    “No, it’s not Thursday, it’s Friday.”
    !!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!! Ohhhh, Dad 😛

  6. Heather says:

    This Dad joke has been around for years and goes something like this :

    Q: Where is the dead cenre of your town?

    A: Cemetery


    when passing the cemetery “Must be the dead centre of town”.

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  8. MELANIE says:

    Whats red and bad for your teeth
    A brick

  9. Natalie Jones says:

    When we would drive past a cemetery he would always say, ‘That place is pretty popular, people are dying to get in there!’

  10. chont says:

    What do you call Batman and Robin run over by a steamroller?

    Flatman and Ribbon.

  11. Suzi says:

    Why did the scarecrow win the award? Because he was outstanding in his field

  12. Wendy says:

    Why do ducklings walk softly?
    Because they can’t walk hardly.

  13. Amber Lee says:

    When I was breastfeeding my daughter, my Dad would say “Your a good cow” and laugh his head off. He did this every single time he visited.

  14. Katy J says:

    Walking out the door with a green salad in hand, to take to a BBQ… in the good ole Tupperware…

    Dad accidently?! drops the salad on the ground… as he picks it up

    ‘Well it’s a tossed salad now!’…. oh dear

  15. Adele Smith says:

    My grandfather used to always laugh after he joked…

    “Which side of the chicken has more feathers on it?”

    The Outside.

    And if we went over railway lines he would say ‘a train has just gone passed’ and we would ask how did he know and he would say…because it’s left it’s tracks behind!

  16. reg says:

    Why does the Dalai Lama have a gambling problem?
    Because he likes Ti-bet.

  17. Kaye says:

    If I talked too much to whoever was sitting next to me Dad would say that I had rubber neck disease.

  18. Cass says:

    Oh God. My dad once told this joke about the road and going around and something or other. None of us could actually understand it at all, but we laughed along with him. Because that’s what you’re meant to do. :/

  19. My dad snorts when he laughs and no more so than when he is laughing at his own jokes which he believes are absolute side spliters. The one he loves the most is easily the most annoying to my young unsuspecting children. It goes like this…

    “Knock Knock”
    “Who’s there?”
    “John Who”
    “John The Baptist” and with that he flicks water into their faces and roars with laughter!

  20. Jac says:

    My father’s best: I speak German. How do you say pig dog? Oinken barken sniffer!

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