Winner of ‘My Dad Think’s He’s Funny’ Competition

Thanks to everyone for all your great comments for this competition. I have randomly drawn the prize using the random number generator at The winner of this week’s giveaway is comment number 2 – Belinda Jordan.

Belinda Jordan wrote:

Ok, here’s to great funny jokes. This one came from my Uncle.

“What’s this?(Wagging little finger up and down)”
“It’s a micro-wave!”
The laughter that came afterwards was funnier than the joke, but the joke is cute too. Try it on a little friend, they love it. Have a good weekend. (Micro waving…..)

Congratulations Belinda!

Once again, if you missed out on the prize, don’t worry, as we’re having another giveaway tomorrow. There’ll be lots of other great stuff coming up on our blog soon too. The award-winning illustrator, Dean Jones, will make a guest post. Find out about his latest release, All Through The Night, how he creates his breathtakingly beautiful illustrations, and how he was discovered as a children’s illustrator. Also, if there’s anything else you’d like to read about on our blog then please let us know.

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One Response to Winner of ‘My Dad Think’s He’s Funny’ Competition

  1. Belinda Jordan says:

    Thank you very much! (Micro-waving….. OK, I’ll stop now…)

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