Win a copy of Tantony by Ananda Braxton-Smith!

We found my brother in the skybog.

It was me that found him.

Boson Quirk is dead, face-down in a bog of stars. Almost everyone in Carrick said that the boy was a monster, and now Fermion is sure that the townspeople are looking sideways at her, wondering if she’ll go the way of her cursed, mad twin. When a new voice rises inside her, Fermion begins to wonder the same thing. The voice tells her that the answer to Boson’s Affliction lies on the Other Island, the one that everyone says is bristling with gods and monsters. But what waits for her there? Surely it is madness to pursue the answer?

Tantony is the fantastic new novel by Ananda Braxton-Smith. Ananda’s debut novel, Merrow, wowed critics with  a shortlisting for the Aurealis Awards (winner announced tonight) and longlisting in the 2010 INKY awards. Merrow is also a CBCA Notable award-winner and we think that Tantony lives up to all expectations!

For you chance to win a copy, all you have to do is tell us a Manx word and its meaning. Hint: Read our Ananda Braxton-Smith Interview for ideas.

The winner will be announced next Thursday 2nd June. Good Luck!

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5 Responses to Win a copy of Tantony by Ananda Braxton-Smith!

  1. Maryanne Hyde says:

    “sallow” = willow
    I heard Ananda read from her new book at the Reading Matters conference -fabulous!

  2. Maryanne Hyde says:

    By the way you don’t have a copy of Merrow to send my way as well??? 🙂

  3. Emily Boyd says:

    I would really love the chance to win this book 🙂 I really liked Merrow and how it was written and I think Tantony would be just as special.
    Follaghey, in Manx, means to Hide.
    I really like the look and sound of that word, but there is also,
    Pisheyragh, which means Whisper.


  4. Rachel Freebury says:

    moaney for bog
    Sounds like a great book!

  5. Ananda Braxton-Smith says:

    Emily Boyd! I couldn’t have loved it more that you found the online english-manx dictionary and found those two words yourself. Beautiful words. Pisheyragh even sounds like a whisper … Onya! Fulsome reading all. Cheers from Ananda

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