‘Mademoiselle Lisa’ Giveaway Winner.

Mademoiselle Lisa

We asked you how you would disguise yourself if you were famous. Some said you wouldn’t, you’d rather bask in the glory of your fame, while others came up with some creative and very funny ways of getting about incognito. Sometimes it’s too hard to choose a winner so I have randomly drawn this week’s winner.

Congratulations Madeline! You have won a copy of our great new book Mademoiselle Lisa.

Madeline wrote:

‘I think I should like to wear inconspicuous trench coats, large sunglasses and bright lipstick everywhere. No one would ever know. That or dress like Harry Potter all the time.’

Don’t worry if you missed out this time,  we have a brand new book giveaway competition starting tomorrow – it’s one of our best-sellers, a hilarious book about Dads.


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1 Response to ‘Mademoiselle Lisa’ Giveaway Winner.

  1. Leesa Beutel says:

    “Dad, where are you going?”
    “Mad, do you want to come too?”

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