May in the Kennel

Some great new books coming out this month – starting with
little_oneThe Little One: The Story of a Red-Tailed Monkey
by Kaitie Afrika Litchfield RRP $16.99  32pp  paperback
Kaitie Afrika Litchfield was just four years old when she travelled with her mother to Uganda where her mother was studying chimpanzees. At the reserve where the lived they were given an orphaned red-tailed monkey. Kaitie took over the care of this naughty little monkey. She called him The Little One. Now ten, Kaitie recounts the story of this little monkey and the bond that they shared. Filled with gorgeous photographs of Kaitie and The Little One this book will wipe the puppy off your kids wish list!

the_gorilla_bookThe Gorilla Book: Born to be Wild
by Dr Carla Litchfield RRP $16.99  32pp  paperback
To coincide with the International Year of the Gorilla, comes this fascinating addition to the Wild Planet series The Gorilla Book: Born to be Wild. Written by Dr Carla Litchfield – an award-winning scientist from Adelaide Zoo (and Kaitie’s mum!) – this is the amazing story of these beautiful creatures who are so like us in so many ways. Full of interesting facts and stunning photographs, readers of all ages will discover something new about gorillas (for example, did you know each gorilla has a unique nose-print that identifies them just as our thumb-prints identify us?). Sidebars, fact-boxes and clear maps make this book completely engaging.

mummys_little_farm_babies1Smart Babies: Mummy’s Little Zoo Babies
RRP $9.99  22pp board book
mummys_little_zoo_babies1Smart Babies: Mummy’s Little Farm Babies
RRP $9.99  22pp  board book
Gorgeous full colour photographs teamed with a cheeky and fun text make these board books the perfect gift for babies, young children and mothers.
The super sturdy board book format makes them suitable for the littlest hands – and the littlest teeth!

explorersExplorers: Filling in the Map of Australia
by Chris Miles  RRP $16.99  32pp  paperback
Every Australian student studies explorers and this book will be invaluable at home and in the classroom. This large format book incorporates the original journals and charts of the early European explorers and is an engaging look at the men who put their lives on the line to fill in the map of Australia. Sidebars and fact boxes make this book accessible to readers of all levels and a glossary and time line will put the whole topic in context.

shakespeareShakespeare: The Most Famous Man in London
by Tony Thompson  RRP $18.99  192pp  paperback
Tony Thompson met Will Shakespeare some years back and that meeting changed his life forever. In the latest addition to the award-winning Drum Series he puts Shakespeare into context for a modern audience. He describes what it was like to live in Shakespeare’s time, the politcial motivations that drove his plays, his personal passions. Young readers will be fascinated by the descriptions of bear baiting, mob football and the other gruesome details of Elizabethean England – bringing a whole new perspective and relevance to the plays.

the_immortalThe Immortal
by Michael Panckridge RRP $16.99  288pp  paperback
For Cameron, it looks like the summer holidays at Sea Cottage will be two weeks of boredom, but that quickly changes when he hears a voice calling for help.
In the tunnels beneath the sanddunes, Cameron uncovers a secret that will change his life. In the gloom he discovers a man who has been waiting for over 50 years to be rescued — a man who should have been dead long ago. Spooky and scary – perfect for fans of Garth Nix and Anthony Horowitz.

All of these books are at your local bookseller now or you can find the on our website

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