Kevin Burgemeestre reports from Dromkeen

In blustery weather sure to keep self respecting hippos under the water, we set out bold and brave for the Dromkeen Family Day, a chance for families to experience the ambience of this elegant house & museum, see some of the stellar collection of Australian children’s book artwork, and interact with the crowd.

Many braved the chilly weather and came and joined the festivities. Bubbles flowed, children found lots to look at, including works of illo-vets Mark Wilson, myself, as well as the debut of bright newcomer Jodi Blokkeerus with her book Liquid Moon. We displayed our illustration work at market-type stalls complementing work on the gallery walls. The current show Building the Character is well worth a visit, where roughs and artwork show the growth of characters from an inkling to inked-in!

Lucy Farmer (the author of the Uncle Eddie Series) told us hair raising tales of her and her brother’s amazing African adventure, and I drew the biggest hippos I could on a small table. (The drawings were dispersed among the appreciative crowd.)

Mark Wilson launched not one, but two books and wowed the crowd by offering a limited edition run of prints with each book purchased. Through My Mother’s Eyes is the story of a boy soldier in the First World War. Imagine being 16 and in the horror cauldron of the trenches during one of the worlds bloodiest conflicts?

Thanks to Kaye Keck and the industrious Dromkeen crew for being great hosts and the Veteran Motorists who showed up in frigid conditions to allow kids to be photographed in cars from the golden age of motoring.The drivers were easy to pick with their many layers of clothing and a mischievous look in their eyes. A terrific day, and perhaps the unofficial launch of the Uncle Eddie series!

Kevin Burgemeestre

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