New Releases – May 2011

Tantony by Ananda Braxton-Smith

ISBN 9781742031668
RRP: $18.99
Young Adult Fiction

Ananda’s debut novel, Merrow, is a CBCA Notable award-winner, and Tantony lives up to all expectations. Inhabiting the same world as Merrow, and set on the medieval island of Carrick, Tantony is a standalone tale infused with the drama of gothic literature and magic realism.

We found my brother in the skybog.

It was me that found him.

Boson Quirk is dead, face-down in a bog of stars. Almost everyone in Carrick said that the boy was a monster, and now Fermion is sure that the townspeople are looking sideways at her, wondering if she’ll go the way of her cursed, mad twin. When a new voice rises inside her, Fermion begins to wonder the same thing. The voice tells her that the answer to Boson’s Affliction lies on the Other Island, the one that everyone says is bristling with gods and monsters. But what waits for her there? Surely it is madness to pursue the answer?

Praise for Merrow (Book 1 in the Secrets of Carrick series).

‘Braxton-Smith has created a tale of exceptional beauty.’

‘This is a book to become immersed in.’
– Mike Shuttleworth, Centre for Youth Literature

Merrow perfectly captures the rocky, chaotic journey that coming of age can be.’
Fiction Focus
The Boy without a Soul by Michael Panckridge

ISBN 9781742031835
RRP: $16.99
Middle Fiction

The Book of Gabrielle series continues this month with the release of this second title.

Still haunted by the mysterious Voice, and the knowledge of her strange gifts, Gabrielle begins the year at a new school. She befriends Michael and his younger brother, Jack. But something is very wrong with Jack.

Can Gabrielle help Michael discover the truth behind his strange – and possibly deadly – little brother? Join Gabrielle as she unravels an exciting new mystery and more secrets are revealed about her past.

Praise for The Boy Who Wasn’t There (Book 1).

‘An absorbing, chilling read for 10-year-olds and up.’
The Age, 2011

The Boy Who Wasn’t There is a real page-turner. Twists are around every corner.’
‘The Book of Gabrielle series is bound to be a winner and will attract both girl and boy readers keen to discover Gaby’s story as well as solve the mystery within each title.’
Buzzwords, 2011

‘Must reads for both young male and female audiences.’
Australian Education Union News, Victorian Branch, April 2011

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