The Newington College Literature Festival

Newington College is running a three day literature festival for its students, beginning tomorrow (March 30th) and running till Friday, April 1st.

There is an impressive line-up with over 70 speakers, including journalists, writers, poets, playwrights, historians, scientists, novelists, and more. Also attending, is our own, Tony Thompson, author of Vampires: The Un-history of the Undead and Shakespeare: The Most Famous Man in London.

This festival is a great idea! It’s a fantastic way to encourage young people’s passion for books and literature.

Unfortunately, the festival is a private event for students and parents. But if your school is interested in having one of our authors or illustrators make a guest presentation or workshop at your school then please visit our authors/illustrations page at our website to find more information. We have a wonderful array of authors and illustrators who have extensive experience with school and festival presentations/workshops. Many of our authors are excellent at engaging young audiences and will enrich learning by adding a fresh and creative atmosphere to the classroom.

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2 Responses to The Newington College Literature Festival

  1. Sue Richer says:

    Dear Black Dog
    The Newington Literature festival is open to many visitors, including the local schools in Sydney’s inner west. There are six sessions over the three days of the Festival to which other school students are invited. Duncan Ball spoke to an audience in excess of 1000 children from community schools, for example, on the opening day of the Festival.

    Could I add that we were delighted to welcome two of your authors – Cameron Nunn and Tony Thompson – to the Festival who both did you proud.

    Sue Richer : Newington Literature Festival Convenor

  2. blackdogbooks says:

    Hi Sue,
    Thank you for stopping by the blog! We’re sorry we were wrong about the festival being only for Newington College students. Hope all had a wonderful time.
    Best wishes,
    black dog books

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