Win a new book!

This week we are not only giving away a fabulous new kids book, but we are giving you a sneak peek at one of our upcoming titles, The Boy Who Wasn’t There, by the much-loved author, Michael Panckridge.

Set for release next month, this book is the first title in an exciting new series for junior fiction readers, The Book of Gabrielle series.

The story begins with Gabrielle….

She wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of how she got there. There is no family waiting to care for her. She has no memory, no past, no identity.
When Gabrielle is placed in foster care, she discovers a voice in her head. It tells her she is not like anyone else. As Gabrielle tries to make sense of the voice and her fractured memory, very strange things begin to happen in her new home. First there are the moths, and then the spiders. Is it just odd coincidences, or is there something more sinister happening? Is someone out to get her?

Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel with a twist in each tale, or read the entire series as a sequence to unravel the mystery of Gabrielle.

Suspenseful and spooky!

The next step-up for fans of Goosebumps.

To celebrate the new series we are giving away the first book to one of our lucky readers.

To win all you have to do is tell us what it is that spooks you? Is it noises in the night? Or maybe it’s spiders or snakes? Just leave a comment in the blog below for your chance to win.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday at 5pm.

Good luck!

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9 Responses to Win a new book!

  1. melanie w says:

    silence inside wind blowing up a gale outside gives me the creeps

  2. Mel says:

    The story sounds creepy and like it will be a great read.
    The cover also looks creepy awesome.
    What spooks me is moths. *Shudders* And night noises. I live in a Victorian house so every step you take creaks. It freaks me out at night. Scary.

  3. kylie plester says:

    Life is filled with creeppy moments for me,
    Be it that floor board creaking,
    And you ask is it a robber, a ghost or a mouse,
    None of which you want to face
    Especially after watching scary movies

  4. Sally Bray says:

    Things that go ‘cre-e-a-a-k-k’ in the night give me the chills – especially when I am wakened from a deep sleep, totally disoriented and not sure what woke me, then the noise comes again… is it outside?! is it inside?! Under the bed?!!!!

  5. Sharon Fawcett says:

    Caterpillars scare the clappers out of me, just the thought of having one crawl across my skin in the horrible humping motion is enough to make me feel nauseous.

  6. Marjorie says:

    The unexpected spooks me. That’s why I love spooky books.

  7. Caz Williams says:

    Buzzzzz …. aaaaarghhh!!!! No!!! Not the BEEEES!!!

  8. Sandy Gas says:

    Hearing cats moan like old men in the night.. that definitely puts the heabie jeebies up me big time!

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