Our new February titles!

Buy Rabbit’s Year Now

Rabbit’s Year by Melissa Keil, illustrated by Jedda Robaard

It was Rabbit’s special year, but Rabbit didn’t feel very special. All Rabbit wanted was a friend — but making friends wasn’t easy for shy Rabbit…

2011 marks the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. This book is a delightful and thoughtful gift for any littlies born this year. Bonus Chinese zodiac guide at back of book!

‘…this story is fantastic. The text is simple and the illustrations are delightful.’

– Anne Copeland, B+P Summer 2010-2011 37

Buy Violence 101 Now

Violence 101 by Denis Wright

My name is Hamish Graham and this is the journal I have to write. The people who run this place don’t know what to make of me. Just like the last place I was in.

It is obvious why I am here. I am here because sometimes I do very violent things and I’m too young to be put in jail.

‘One of the most riveting novels I’ve had the pleasure to read in a while.’
— The Marlborough Express

Buy The Heroes of the Kokoda Track Now

The Heroes of the Kokoda Track by Nicolas Brasch

The 1942 Kokoda campaign was only four months long, yet it is a battle that has left a lasting impression in Australian history. In this new book, Nicolas Brasch reveals what it was really like on the Kokoda Track and how the Australian troops fought their way through mud and mayhem to victory.

Filled with lots of visual elements including photos, maps, fact boxes, and a timeline, this book is stimulating and engaging, and is sure to motivate young readers interest in Australian history.

‘The design and lay-out is outstanding.’

‘This exceptional offering deserves to be in every public, school and home library in the country.’

— Buzzwords Books

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