Are you a Diva winner?

Thanks to everyone for sharing your comments with us over the last two weeks. We hope you enjoyed doing our Diva quizzes. We had fun reading all your responses.

The winner of the Diva prize pack is Sarah.

Sarah says: 

I got 2 As, 2 Bs and 2 Cs. I have no idea what that makes me. Unhinged? :)

Congratulations Sarah! You will receive these four fab books shortly.

If you missed out this time, then don’t stress, Total Girl are giving away a free copy of the first Diva book, It’s a Girl Thing with every copy of the February edition of their magazine.

And if you haven’t tried the quizzes yet then here are the links. Have fun!

Are you a stress nut or a cool cucumber?

Diva or Pushover. Are you too nice?

Party Girl or Stay At Home Girl?

Pushover or Plain Pushy? What type of friend are you?

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2 Responses to Are you a Diva winner?

  1. Sarah says:

    Huzzah! I’ve been wanting to read these. And the covers are so prreeeeeeeeeeettyyyyyy… Thanks so much Doggies!

  2. Sue Lawson says:

    Congrats Sarah, hope you have them!
    And I don’t think you sound the least bit unhinged!

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