Pushover or Plain Pushy? What type of friend are you?

To celebrate the release of our new-look Diva books we are giving away a Diva pack with books 1-4 to one of our lucky readers. To win, all you have to do is visit our blog up until Monday 17th January 2011 and complete one of our Diva quizzes.  Leave a comment on our any of the Diva blog posts for your chance to win. Each comment counts as an entry, so the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning. The winner will be announced on Monday 17th January, 2011. Haven’t entered yet ?! Now’s your chance! Here is our fourth Diva quiz…

Diva Quiz no. 4

1. What type of animal would you like to be?

a. Labrador dog?
b. Persian cat?
c. Dwarf rabbit?

2. All of your friends forget your birthday.
Are you…
a. A bit upset, because you never forget their
b. Furious? How could they forget your birthday?
c. Okay about it, it’s only your birthday?

3. What type of things do you like to do with
your friends?
a. Whatever you all choose that’s fun.
b. Talk about you and your problems.
c. Anything they want to do.

4. What’s the best thing about having
a. Having fun and being there for each other.
b. Having people to do stuff you want to do
c. Having someone let you hang around with

5. You friend tells you an amazing piece of
gossip and swears you to secrecy. Do you?
a. Tell no-one, not even your teddy?
b. Broadcast it. What’s gossip if you can’t be the
one to spread it?
c. Tell one other friend and swear them to

6. Two of your besties have a huge fight. Do
a. Get them together and try to help them sort
it out?
b. De-friend one or both? Who needs the
c. Listen to both sides but not take a side?

7. Your best friend has a mega-crush on a really
geeky guy. She asks you what you think of
him. Do you
a. Say you really don’t know him well enough to
say what you think?
b. Tell her how geeky he is, loud and often?
c. Tell her you think he’s mega-cool?

8. Your school’s putting on a musical and you
and your best friend want the lead role. Do
a. Talk about it and decide no matter what, you’ll
stay friends?
b. Stop talking to her and tell everyone she’s
temperamental and hard to work with?
c. Not audition so she’ll get the part for sure?

Mostly A…
What an awesome friend! You’re loyal and treat
other people with respect. Make sure you have
fun too and don’t take life too seriously.

Mostly B…
Wow, ease up girl. It’s okay to put yourself first,
but not all the time. Think about other people’s
feelings and listen to their opinions.

Mostly C…
You’re a kind-hearted, giving person, but you put
everyone else first. Be careful people don’t push
you around and take you for granted. It’s okay to
think of yourself first.

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One Response to Pushover or Plain Pushy? What type of friend are you?

  1. melanie w says:

    As and Cs seems i cant get a difinitive answer with these quizes i guess thats just the way it goes

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