Party Girl or Stay At Home Girl?

To celebrate the release of our new-look Diva books we are giving away a Diva pack with books 1-4 to one of our lucky readers. To win, all you have to do is visit our blog up until Monday 17th January 2011 and complete one of our Diva quizzes.  Leave a comment on our any of the Diva blog posts for your chance to win. Each comment counts as an entry, so the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning. The winner will be announced on Monday 17th January, 2011. So, what are you waiting for?! Here is our third Diva quiz…

Diva Quiz No. 3

1. You’re invited to a sleep over.
Where do you put the invitation?
A. On the fridge so everyone can see it
B. In your photo album because it’s so special
C. In the bin

2. What are your favourite party clothes?
A. Something new, pink and fabulous…and
with heaps of accessories
B. Something in your favourite colour
C. Whatever fits and is clean

3. The party is fancy dress, do you go as:
A. A princess
B. A superhero
C. A cartoon character

4. What do you do when you arrive at the
A. Make a big entrance
B. Head straight for your best friends
C. Try to sneak in the back door

5. During the sleep over do you:
A. Tell all the jokes and laugh loudly
B. Giggle at other people’s jokes
C. Laugh, but not really get all the jokes

6. What’s your favourite party game?
A. Karaoke
B. All of them
C. Games? You’re kidding!

7. The next day at school, after the party,
do you:
A. Tell every little detail to anyone who’ll
B. Tell people the funny stuff
C. Say nothing

Mostly A…
You’re the life of the party…loud and proud.
Remember to make sure everyone else is enjoying
the party too.

Mostly B…
You’re quite a mingler! You love talking and
chatting with everyone and always have fun!

Mostly C…
You’re quiet and prefer not being in the spotlight.
Make sure you’re having fun and not being left

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3 Responses to Party Girl or Stay At Home Girl?

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m a B! I love quizzes like this, and I LOVE the new covers. The books look really fun!

  2. melanie w says:

    well this one was a mixed bag i did not get a difinitive answer some of every letter so im a little bit of all of them.

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