Are you a stress nut or a cool cucumber?

To celebrate the release of our new-look Diva books we are giving away a Diva pack with books 1-4 to one of our lucky readers. To win, all you have to do is visit our blog over the next couple weeks and complete one of our Diva quizzes and leave a comment on our blog. Each comment counts as an entry, so the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning. The winner will be announced on Monday 17th January, 2011. Why not begin right now?! Here is our first Diva quiz.

Diva Quiz No. 1

1. You’re asked to do a talk for your class.
Do you…
A. Spend the whole week writing and rewriting
pages of information?
B. Write a few points down the night before?
C. Work out what you’ll say the morning of
your talk?

2. You see your fave actor shopping in the
city. Do you…
A. Follow, at a very big distance and hope he
doesn’t notice?
B. Rush up and ask him for his autograph?
C. Rush up and ask him to join you and your
mum for lunch?

3. Your teacher asks you to stay back after
school. Do you…
A. Freak out, wondering what you’ve done
B. Wonder for a moment if you’re in trouble, but
not think about it again till after school?
C. Decide she’s so impressed with your work
she wants to offer you a scholarship?

4. Your mum has an early start. She leaves
a list of jobs for you on the kitchen table.
Do you…
A. Do the jobs straight away, and then worry all
day that you might have forgotten one?
B. Decide to do them as soon as you get home
from school and forget about it till then?
C. Remember the note as your mum pulls
up in the driveway and still manage to do
everything on her list?

5. Your school is putting on a musical
production. Do you…
A. Try out for an offstage position, like the
B. Go for a role in the chorus or as an extra?
C. Try out for the lead role?

6. You decide to organise a surprise party for
your best bud. Do you…
A. Try to organise everything on your own and
end up freaking out?
B. Gather a group of buds and share the load?
C. Not even remember it’s your best friend’s

Mostly A…
Boy, are you a Stress Nut! Time you took up Tai
Chi or meditation. Relax — it’s never as bad as
you think! Kick back and have a little fun!

Mostly B…
You’re a pretty cool customer! You do what you
can to make sure things go smoothly and aren’t
afraid to live on the edge, just a little.

Mostly C…
Does anything worry you? You’re a little too calm,
even in the face of major danger, like a furious
parent. A little stress could do you good!

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8 Responses to Are you a stress nut or a cool cucumber?

  1. rebecca raisin says:

    Mostly A! A stress-nut..oh dear. It must be my inner Diva!

  2. Mif says:

    Mostly Bs. Cool as. Living on the edge.

  3. kylie plester says:

    MOSTLY B! A cool Cucumber. Does sound like me because I’m usually pretty relaxed until the going gets too tough

  4. J Dias says:

    Mostly A…
    Now I’m reaaaaally worried!

  5. Meg Miller says:

    Worry is my middle name so I’m obviously an A. This worries me as I’d rather be a B and people who are Cs worry me the most, as I add the things they should be worrying about to the things I’m worrying about and then wonder why I have meltdowns. I never stress about just one thing . . . I bundle up other problems too so that the load finally becomes unbearable. Sheesh huh?

  6. melanie w says:

    half As and Bs i must be cool but concererned

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m thoroughly an A. This does not surprise me at all. 🙂

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