Three Christmas books that we love!

Three Christmas books by the much-loved

Australian illustrator Heath McKenzie

The Aussie Nutcracker

We all know that Christmas is about surprises, but when Clara receives a kangaroo nutcracker from her Uncle Don, she can’t imagine the surprises that await her. This is such a gorgeous remake of the classic Christmas tale. It’s a story of courage and magic. As always, Heath manages to capture all the right gestures and expressions in his fabulous Aussie characters. The Sugar Plum Fairy possum is a real delight!

My favourite part –  The seven-headed mouse king. I know he’s supposed to be scary, but I couldn’t help but laugh. You have to see him!

Heath’s The Twelve Days of Christmas is a hilarious spin-off on the well-known song. It’s the story of true love and how far one man goes to find the ideal gifts. The blurb says it all: 1 man, 12 days, 78 gifts. The bonus pull-outs are loads of fun. There’s postcards, flyers, newspaper clippings and more.

My favourite part – All the small details you might not notice till second or third reading. i.e. The note on the parcel, “To my true love, from your true love”

An Aussie makeover of this classic song. This book is pure eye-candy! It’s jam-packed with colour and funny imagery. The bonus pages at the back of book give a great overview on the Australian animals featured in the book.

My favourite part – The little wombat in the middle of the ten wombats sleeping. He has the perfect little growl on his face.

Read more about Heath at his website

Meet Heath at Myer this weekend!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win a fabulous Christmas prize pack. Leave a comment on any of our posts between the 9th-20th December for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, 21st December.


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2 Responses to Three Christmas books that we love!

  1. Nomes says:

    the seven headed mouse king sounds awesome. i have to track it down now and check him out. the illustrations look gorgeous. i think my kids would love these – yay for Aussie Christmas books!

  2. Karla says:

    my kids love both the 12 days of christmas and the aussie version – will have to check out the aussie nutcracker

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