Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas Special!

Welcome to the Black Dog Books, Twelve Days of Christmas Special.

Over the next twelve days we’ll be having some of our favourite authors and illustrators guest posting our our blog. Discover all the fun and festivities our authors getup to at Christmas. Find out who was kissed under the mistletoe and who made it on Santa’s naughty list. There’ll be lots of laughs, Christmas cheer, and best of all, a fabulous Christmas Giveaway.

All you have to do to be in the draw to win, is submit a comment on our blog over the Twelve Days of Christmas special. On the final day we will randomly draw the winner for a fabulous Christmas pack! Every comment counts as an entry, so the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning.

So, once again, our 12 day special begins today and runs from the 9th – 20th. Remember, all you need to do for a chance of winning is leave a comment on our blog during that time.

So let’s begin.

On our first day of Christmas…

(excerpt from Heath McKenzie’s The Twelve Days of Christmas: 1 man, 12 days, 78 gifts)

…we have the best-selling author, Karen Tayleur. Having worked as a singer for approximately five minutes, Karen (and the audience) realised her talents probably lay elsewhere. Since then she has worked in advertising, the print media, and publishing. She is also the author of fabulous, fascinating, and funny books for young adults and children.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas means…

Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve at the local village green

catching up with people that you haven’t seen all year

singing carols which may or may not match the words in the

gold coin donation to the CFA carol book

applauding the recorder solo by recorder man

and Santa who turns up on the CFA fire truck to hand out lollies

then back to friends for egg nog and special Christmas treats

then family present opening in the morning

a mango and pancake breakfast with the neighbours

then a late lunch with extended family that oozes on into dinner

then opening of Kris Kringle presents

then dropping into bed that night.

What was your favourite Christmas present ever?

Twin monkeys, complete with plastic banana that you could stick in their mouths.

I still have one of the monkeys, which has had a body refurbishment.

The other one was given away by my mother when I was ten.

I still can’t talk about that…

What was your worst Christmas present ever?

I can’t think of one but I can think of one my friend got.

He was given a garden hose spray and when he opened it there was water in it,

which meant that it had already been used. The worst thing was his parents had given it to him…

What book will you be reading this Christmas?

Freedom by Jonathon Franzen

Catching up on some YA fiction.

If you ever had the chance to meet Santa what would you say?

Hey, you do a great job.

Do you ever get sick of the colour red?

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

What food do you always eat too much of at Christmas time?


Which reindeer is your favourite and why?


I always felt sorry for Cupid. Cupid rhymes with stupid.

I think he might have copped a lot of flak for his name. Can you imagine lunchtime at reindeer school? The taunts? The jeers?

‘There was a young reindeer called Cupid

Who was incredibly stupid

He was leading one day

When he went the wrong way

And they all ended up feeling poop-ed’

If you had your own reindeer what would you call it?


You can read all the latest news on Karen and her books at her website www.karentayleur.com

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14 Responses to Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas Special!

  1. MELANIE says:

    Cant wait till christmas the count is on

  2. Shirley Marr says:

    goodness! what were those monkeys supposed to be – did they have a function??

    • Hey Shirley, somehow I missed out on this blog – mind was elsewhere I suspect. The function of the monkeys was to be cuddled.
      In truth, they sat on top of my wardrobe where I said hello to them as I opened my eyes to each new day.

  3. Sam Whitehouse says:

    ‘There was a young reindeer called Cupid
    Who was incredibly stupid
    He was leading one day
    When he went the wrong way
    And they all ended up feeling poop-ed”

    Karen, this is pure gold. If you wrote a book with excuses as to why each reindeer was bullied, I’d by each and every copy. This is brilliant.

    (By the way, I think Archibald is a brilliant name for a reindeer!)

    • Hey Sam, I suspect there is a whole novel that could be written on the life of Cupid. However, he doesn’t give interviews, so it would have to be an unsanctioned biography.
      I suspect Archibald would wear a blue collar.
      I don’t know why I think that – just a feeling I have…

  4. Love Christmas with a big green tree dripping with decos and silver bits.

  5. Irene Starr says:

    Well, at least you gave singing a shot. I admire that.

  6. Nomes says:

    love Archibald as a reindeer name!

    i never know the Christmas carol lyrics either 🙂

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  8. kylie plester says:

    I never thought of cupid being known as stupid

    • Kylie, I know. I think it’s unfair. There is a 50s (I think) rock and roll song with the lyric ‘Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me’, so this could be the origin of the taunt.

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