Giveaway! Win a copy of Mademoiselle Lisa

This week’s giveaway is a delightful gift book, that has proved a hit with both kids and adults.

Everybody knows the Mona Lisa.  She’s one of the most famous paintings in the world.

So what happens when Mona Lisa gets bored with her job?

She quits.

But what happens next?

I mean, it’s not that easy living life incognito.

This book tells the story of Mona Lisa’s adventures beyond the Louvre.

From Paris to foreign lands, and an unexpected ending, this little book is sure to make you smile.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is answer the following question.

If you were very famous, how would you disguise yourself?

The best response will be announced the winner next Wednesday.

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8 Responses to Giveaway! Win a copy of Mademoiselle Lisa

  1. Rad Hall says:

    If I were famous, I wouldn’t disguise myself. What use fickle fame if not flaunting off for acquiring copius gratuity.

  2. Irene Starr says:

    If I were very famous I would go out in public with a realistic face mask and clothing that presented me to the world as a person of the opposite sex.

  3. Tom says:

    I’d wear a ned kelly bucket everywhere

  4. Mm says:

    I’d glamour people so that they don’t recognise me

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  6. helene stein-anderson says:

    I would hire a gorgeous old granny and together with a pretty brolly we would shop til we dropped incognito giggling like two school girls.

  7. Madeline says:

    I think I should like to wear inconspicuous trench coats, large sunglasses and bright lipstick everywhere. No one would ever know.

    That or dress like Harry Potter all the time. (:

  8. kylie plester says:

    I think I would dress up as an elderly lady. With great dress sense and gorgeous eyes of course but just a few extra wrinkles. That or dress up as a man

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