“All Through The Night” Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone for all your comments for this giveaway. It was great reading about all your magical journeys, from secret forests to lands of unicorns and fairies.

The lucky winner of this week’s giveaway is-

kerrybrownauthor who wrote:

A magical journey….. to a land not yet thought?
To somewhere creative, possibilities sought.
Inside a child’s head where sweet dreams are made,
and adventures all new are often replayed?
I don’t want to tell you of where I would go
I’d rather you surprised me – I’d rather you showed.

Congratulations Kerry!

Please email me at publicity@bdb.com.au for your prize.

If you missed out today, All Through the Night by Dean Jones is currently available through all leading and local independent bookstores.

Don’t forget to visit tomorrow to enter our next giveaway – A delightful little picture book with a French twist.

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2 Responses to “All Through The Night” Giveaway Winner

  1. Andrew Kelly says:

    Congratulations Kerry!

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