Win ‘All Through The Night’ Picture Book

This week’s giveaway is the fantastic picture book All Through the Night.

Written by the award-winning illustrator Dean Jones, All Through The Night tells the story of a young boy on a magical journey.

Filled with exquisite illustrations, this book will surely delight children and parents alike.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment below telling us where you’d like to go if you went on a magical journey. The most creative answer will win. The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

Good luck!

The double page illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful…”

“This picture book is a feast for the eyes!”

“Children will be enthralled with the magical journey which unfolds in this special book.”

– Magpies 25.2, November 2010



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11 Responses to Win ‘All Through The Night’ Picture Book

  1. kylie plester says:

    I would definately go to a secret forest with undiscovered creatures and a whole tribe of people you never knew existed. With a witch doctor and a magical cave of wonder and secrets

  2. My 9 yr old son Alex says, “Magical Wonderland – a place where all your dreams come true!”

  3. Kate says:

    I would take a magical journey back through time and meet amazing people who have inspired me from throughout the ages.

  4. samantha thomas says:

    i would go somewhere that had something from everywhere in the one place, somewhere where i could see four seasons in one day, eat fairy floss, change the colour of my hair just by thinking about it and somewhere that allowed my to have a pet unicorn!

  5. Irene Starr says:

    A journey through time and space in search of mystical fantasy, from firebreathing dragons posing danger to the unbeheld beauty of angelic fairies and unicorns.

  6. Shirley Marr says:

    I would like to … “come on a journey through time and space… to the world of the Mighty Boosh!”

    Actually, everyday while I stand at the station waiting for the train to take me to my day job, I wish I was on platform 9 and 3/4 and that I was going on a magical journey to Hogwarts. And that I meet Andrew Kelly and Melissa Keil in my carriage and they become like my Ron and Hermione and we battle a giant Black Dog with 3 heads guarding this mythical Treasure Chest that contains the magical manuscript for The Next Big Thing…

    ps – this entry is not for serious consideration 🙂

  7. Emily Boyd says:

    The book looks very cute ^-^*

    To be honest, because I am one of those Christmas fanatics, I would have to say that I would go on a magical journey to the North Pole ♥
    That would be beyond cool, meeting Santa…*sighs wistfully*

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  9. Aurora says:

    where you’d like to go if you went on a magical journey?
    I believe I would travel back in time and discover where and when every magical moment happened….discoveries….inventions…… all the worlds
    Ah Ha moments! and keep them in a magical book to share with the future so no one will ever forget what it felt like when these things happened….we always know the date and people involved but we never know really what it was like and what led to them ♥

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  11. A magical journey….. to a land not yet thought?
    To somewhere creative, possibilities sought.
    Inside a child’s head where sweet dreams are made,
    and adventures all new are often replayed?
    I don’t want to tell you of where I would go
    I’d rather you surprised me – I’d rather you showed.

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