Giveaway – The Black Dress by Pamela Freeman

In celebration of Australia’s first Saint, Mary MacKillop we are giving away a copy of Pamela Freeman’s award-winning book The Black Dress.

The Black Dress is the incredible story of Mary MacKillop – an unconventional young woman born into a time and a religion bound by convention.

What Mary did with her life would change the course of Australia’s history. The Age calls it “credible and compelling”, and Good Reading says that The Black Dress is “a book steeped in Australian and family history, filled with poetic descriptions and emotive language in a tender and moving narrative.”

If you would like to win a copy of this phenomenal book, simply tell us in the comments who your favourite saint is, and why.

The person with the best comment will be chosen as the winner on Monday 25th of October, so get commenting!

Sorry this competition is open to Australian residents only.

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13 Responses to Giveaway – The Black Dress by Pamela Freeman

  1. bron says:

    whilst i’d find this book interesting reading, i have no ‘favourite’ saints and no religion so this is an impossible question to answer and i don’t want to pretend otherwise

  2. Clare says:

    My favourite ‘saint’ is Mary MacKillop because she may win me a free book. Thanks, Mary.

  3. Shirley Marr says:

    My favourite Saint is Saint Nicholas Cave, Patron of Darkness… when he invites all to “come sail your ships around me”, he provides a beacon of light to the lost. Plus like Mary, he is also Australian. No! Actually…. my favourite saint is Saint Dymphna, Patron of Princesses, so protects people like me 🙂

  4. Mez says:

    My favourite saint is Saint Jude… “the hope of the hopeless”…. classic!

  5. Kylie Plester says:

    My favorite Saint is St Kilda. Or the lovely Mary MacKillop who is now representing and show the world what the wonderful Aussie spirit can do.

  6. Ianthe Russell says:

    St Mary McKillop is my favourite saint and think it is wonderful that she is Australia’s first. A true battler who worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor.

  7. Kim Wisniewski says:

    my favourite Saint is Pete Wilkinson, the drummer. Because I’m a drummer too, and all drummers rock.

  8. rebecca raisin says:

    Would love to win this, I find the subject fascinating and would like to read something out side my usual parametres. Wish I was closer for all these books launches! Perth is so far away!

  9. Amy says:

    My favourite saint as a kid was St. Jude the patron saint of lost causes becuase if my sister and I weren’t in the middle of mischief at any given time chances were we were trying to get out of it.
    I thought some praying to him might get me out of a bit of trouble with mum.

  10. David Munoz says:

    I’m not an Australian resident and as a FB friend was very disappointed to be excluded :(. Anyway, my favorite saint is the apostle Peter, so devoted that he asked to be crucified upside down believing he was not worthy to die as his Lord did.

  11. rebecca raisin says:

    my favourite saint is St Christopher. It’s a family tradition that if any member of our family goes away travelling that they take a St Christoher pendant with them to keep them safe. We all have one now and they are each engraved with a short message. When my twin sister went overseas for a year I bough her a pendant and engraved ‘always with you’ What can I say we are a corny family!

  12. Mel says:

    My favourite Saint is Saint Nicholas. He spreads hope, joy, and love to everyone. He has a caring spirit which we all can learn from. 🙂

  13. Kevin Mark says:

    A personal favourite, and one of the all-time favourite saints, is Francis of Assisi (1182-1226). The legends of his love of animals and nature has been an inspiration to many Christians to take up the concerns of the environmental movement: to see the earth and its life as God’s creation and so of value in itself, not simply there for humankind to exploit. And Francis’ message of love and forgiveness was given at a time when Italy was turn by violent vendettas between families and villages, and remains relevant to a world in which peoples still fight about issues that go back decades if not centuries, such as in the Middle East.

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