the ebook drinking game

I was recently speaking to a friend who has returned to Australia from a stint living in the US. This avid reader, IT-guru and all-round nerd (a term I use with nothing but affection) was extolling the wonders of ebooks; he owns multiple e-readers and was trying to convince me – who will admit to the use of bad cliches such as ‘the smell of a book’ is any discussion on ebooks – how great the technology is. None of his points I could refute – convenience and portability are certainly attractive (even to me), as is the idea that I could hop on a plane with a chunk of my library and not worry about excess baggage charges (hefty, as of my last trip OS). But, I also know this friends reading habits – a library crammed with well-thumbed favourites and twelve-volume fantasy tomes that bow a bookshelf under their weight. So I was compelled to ask about the digital versions of his favourite books, his most-loved authors. And his answer? ‘Well, of course I would buy the real copies of those books.’ Seems my friend, in love as he is with the technology, still feels the need to own the object to which he has an emotional attachment. There may be hope for us Luddites yet…


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