Hello cyberspace…

My name is Sophie Reid and I have had the good fortune to land the role of publicist at Black Dog Books and publicise is what I intend to do; our authors, our books, ourselves.

Let me tell you what’s been going on…

This month saw the release of Carole’s new book Sugar Sugar. I’m sure you’ll all be familiar with Carole’s much loved Dragonkeeper series. For those who have grown up with Ping and are now young adults Sugar Sugar is the perfect book. Her new book has been gestating for a long time.
It is a story she needed to write based on her youthful experiences of traveling from London to Australia, a time that shaped her life.

It’s a wonderful read and while I’m not a fan of trendy catch phrases like “cross-over” I’m afraid that in this case the term really must be applied. The book captures the imagination of  teenagers as a romantic travel adventure while the fact that it’s about travel in a time before iphones and email, gives it real resonance for older readers.

Carole is currently touring to promote Sugar Sugar. I was lucky enough to be with her when she gave her first talk on it last week at the Frankston Library. The event was hosted in conjunction with Robinson’s Bookshop who sold many copies of the book thanks to Carole’s fascinating presentation. The talk was illustrated with photos from her own journey. One of the many images that sticks in my mind is of Carole standing in a bazaar. What you don’t notice at first is that she is the focus of everyone around her, a westerner in bell-bottoms.  Many of the audience, who had been captivated by the Dragonkeeper books, once again hung on every word she said.

She will be at Rundle Mall Borders in Adelaide this Friday the 19th of April at 3pm. To get in to the mood of the book the staff will be dressed up in their best 70’s attire, as will Carole, and a prize will be given to  dressed  audience member. So go get groovy people.

After Adelaide Carole will have three events in Melbourne. She will be at Readings in Hawthorn on Thursday April 22nd at 6:30 in conversation with Lili Wilkinson.

On Friday April 23rd she will be at Wards Sagar in Eltham at 5pm.

The following Wednesday the 28th she will be at the Fitzroy Library on Moor St at 4pm.

Come along to see the photos of Carole taken on the road that illustrate the time and experiences she is talking about. She is also more than happy to talk about the Dragonkeeper books and sign copies of any of her books for fans.

She also has speaking dates coming up in Sydney and Brisbane coming up but more on those later.

Monday April 19th sees the beginning of  Stonnington Council’s Literature Live Festival (www.stonnington.vic.gov.au)and our author Heath McKenzie will be right there in the middle of it! His Number One Aussie Alphabet  Book will be  launched at the Malvern Library at 3pm by the Mayor Tim Smith himself.

Corrine Fenton will also be appearing as part of the festival to talk about her beautiful new picture book Flame Stands Waiting. This event will take place on Thursday 29 April, from 4:30 -5:30pm at the Toorak-South Yarra Branch, 340 Toorak Road (corner of Cromwell Street).

I think I’ll leave it there for now as I’m keen to share all of this will all of you. You can look forward to hearing more on our busy authors as well as some exciting news on our upcoming May titles very soon. Until then, keep on reading.

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