New books in September

angel_fishAngel Fish by Lili Wilkinson

A charismatic religious leader has come to the village. Stefan has convinced Gabriel that only children will be able to liberate the Holy Land from the Infidel. Together they raise an army and make the arduous journey over the Alps to the Mediterranean—Stefan’s promise that the ocean will part before them urging them on.

But the power of Stefan’s promises dim as they suffer misadventures again and again. Gabriel must face his doubts and the questions that plague him.

Who is Stefan? Is he really a holy prophet? Or has he doomed them all? And can they survive on faith alone?

mamas_songMama’s Song by Ben Beaton

Georgina— a teenager, alone and pregnant — is estranged from her mother and father.

When she seeks refuge in a country town, she discovers her grandmother has passed away, leaving her more alone than ever. It is here, in a small country hospital, that she must come to terms with the enormity of what she faces and the new life she is now responsible for.

“Anyone reading this book will watch a child become an adult, right before their eyes.” James Roy

australian_twelve_days_christmas_boardAustralian Twelve Days of Christmas Board Book by Heath McKenzie

Heath’s bestselling Christmas book available in board book for the very first time!

Perfect for babies first Christmas, this is a very Aussie take on a favourite tune and the sturdy board book pages are ideal for little hands (and little teeth!)

Also available in paperback and in hardback with an audio CD

Available from all good bookstores in September or from our website

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