July in the Kennel

Ramose: Valley of the Tombs by Carole Wilkinson

The first two novels in the Ramose series together for the first time!

Someone is trying to kill Prince Ramose. If they think he is dead, he will be safe.

Pampered, selfish and very much alive, Prince Ramose lives in disguise in the Valley of the Tombs.

How will this spoilt prince survive such a brutal place?

Can he outwit those who want him dead?

The Tsunami Book: Killer Waves by Dr Gill Jolly

In 2004 the world was stunned when one of the largest earthquakes in fifty years

swept a massive wave—a tsunami—from Indonesia to Thailand, India to Africa.

But what is a Tsunami? How are they formed, and when and where have

they occurred throughout history?

A brilliant new addition to the Wild Planet series.

The Dolphin Book: Good Vibrations by Jeff Weir

Everyone loves dolphins. They have rescued drowning swimmers and

fought off sharks.

But don‘t be fooled—they can also be grumpy loners and have even been

known to attack people!

All of these are available in bookstores now!

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