Sneak peek at upcoming titles

We had a great time in Sydney on Monday at the Australian Booksellers Association Conference. Our stand was ideally located right next to the registration desk so the poor booksellers did not stand a chance! They had a great opportunity to see some of our upcoming titles but we thought it was unfair that only those who made it to the conference got to see what was coming up in the next couple of months so here is a sneak peek at some of the titles we have coming out for Christmas.

halloween_in_christmas_hillsHalloween in Christmas Hills by Karen Tayleur illustrated by Heath McKenzie

When Miles Cameron was allowed to go trick or treating for the first time, everyone warned him to stay away from Stingy Jack’s house. If only he had listened.We are taking Halloween back from Hollywood with this very Aussie tribute to the holidays!

Coming in October

afterAfter by Sue Lawson

CJ makes one terrible mistake and he is banished to the country to live with his grandparents. His attempt to fade into the background at his new school is thwarted when Luke Bennett befriends him. Here he learns that no matter how hard you try to run from the past it is always right there in front of you, waiting.

Coming in August

angel_fishAngel Fish by Lili Wilkinson

Stephan says children can liberate the Holy Land from the Infidel. And Gabriel believes him. Together they gather an army of children and march over the Alps toward Jerusalem. But as misadventure and tragedy strike again and again, Gabriel must confront his doubts. Is Stephan truly a holy prophet? How far can they survive on faith alone?

Coming in September

mamas_songMama’s Song by Ben Beaton

Estranged from her family. Pregnant. Alone. Georgina has escaped to a small town in the middle of nowhere, searching for the one person in the world that she can count on. But Georgina will discover that growing up means accepting the consequences of her actions. Whether she is ready to or not.

Coming in Septemeber

hostageHostage by Karen Tayleur If you could have that moment over again, would it be different? If you could have your life over again, would it be different?

Tully becomes a hostage when she is abducted from a chemist on Christmas Eve. Her ordeal lasts 24 hours. Or so she says. Sometimes, it only takes a moment for your world to change.

Coming in October

saving_pandasSaving Pandas by Dr Carla Litchfield

The first book in our brand new ‘Rare Earth’ series which looks at endangered species and what is being done to help them.  Cute, cuddly and completely misunderstood. Introducing Pandas. And you will get to meet some real life Pandas in November when Adelaide zoo unveils their new resident giant pandas – Funi and Wang Wang – to the world.Coming in October

christmascarolsthumbAnd from Red Dog Books Christmas Carols from the Kennel by Santa Paws.

The best Christmas Carol book in town! And look out for Santa Paws tweets in November and December!

Speaking of twitter – are you one of our followers? No, why not?

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One Response to Sneak peek at upcoming titles

  1. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for Saving Pandas in October. Dr Litchfield’s books about Gorillas and Chimpanzees were great and my daughter LOVES pandas. Should be able to pick up a copy just in time for Christmas…

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