Uncle Eddie launch

June sees the release of the first two books in the Uncle Eddie series. The series, written by Lucy Farmer and illustrated by Kevin Burgemeestre, follows the adventures of Uncle Eddie the ranger in and African National Park. Uncle Eddie’s days are full of hungry hippos, sunbaking crocs and killer bees and good old-fashioned common sense. These books are perfect for early readers and those just developing their reading confidence.
The book had its Australian launch yesterday at Beaumaris North Primary School. Lucy – in full park ranger attire – had the kids fascinated with her tales of life in an African national park and the animals she encountered.
After a brief Q&A Lucy read from the first book in the series Uncle Eddie and the Hippos to a very appreciative Year Two audience. I think many of them will be rushing out to buy the book to find out why the hippos don’t eat the grass in front of Uncle Eddie’s house!
Next, Kevin Burgemeestre took the kids through some tricks on how to draw a hippo – using the massive hippo he had drawn as an example. Then they were let loose with pencil and paper to create their own wonderful hippos!
But this wasn’t the first launch of the book. Last week the kennel was delighted when the real Uncle Eddie sent us through photos of the African launch of the book. We donated copies of the book to the local school just outside of the National Park where Eddie works.
And I think you can tell my the faces below that they were very well-received!

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