We’ve got Mothers Day covered!

magic_mummy1Mothers’ Day is just around the corner and we have a range of books to help you show your mum how special she is!

Magic Mummy by Caroline Stills with illustrations by Christina Miesen is such a sweet celebration of all the magic things mummies do that make their child feel so special. From her magic hands that don’t hurt when she brushes hair to her magic hugs that make her child filled loved this is the perfect way to show the mummy in your life how special she is. This is a really good book for toddlers and would make a great gift for dads to buy for mum from the little kids.

If your kids are a little older then I’m Glad You’re my Mum would be great for them. This is kind of a reverse baby record book – instead of mum recording everything about the baby the children record their favourite things about their mums and then they give it to mum as a gift. The kids can draw pictures that show their happiest day or write why their mum is the best – it’s a really lovely way to help kids express themselves. And, there is one for granny too!



All of these books should be available at your local bookseller or you can order them at our website

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