Time to let you know what is new in the kennel

We have some great books out that have just hit bookstores.
Magic Mummy by Caroline Stills with illustrations by Christina Miesen is the sweetest book – and Dads if you are reading this it would make a great Mother’s Day gift. It follows a little girl as she talks about all the things that make her mummy magic ¬– from her magic hands that can brush the little girls hair without hurting to her magic mummy hugs that make the little girl feel loved. Just a beautiful celebration of a daughters love for her mother and vice versa written by a mum and illustrated by a mum!

And from one extreme to the other – our other April title is The Crocodile Book: Armoured and Dangerous by Malcolm Douglas. Malcolm is the original crocodile whisperer who has filmed a number of wildlife documentaries, the most recent of which Into the Wild aired on Channel 7 earlier this year. The Crocodile Book is the latest addition to our Wild Planet series and features interesting facts and some really scary photos! Kids are gonna love it!

Both of these books should be at your favourite bookseller now!

Check out our website for more details …

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