We want to hear from you!

Yesterday we received an email from a very excited reader who said


By the second page of The Strangers of Paragor Book One: Arrival I was ensnared. I couldn’t put it down and spent all day reading it and now I want the second book. Please, please tell me that it is going to be released soon and how quickly I can buy it from my local Dymocks.

Yours Sincerely,
Avid Reader,

P.S Apologies for being so impatient. :)”

We love this!
It is always wonderful to hear from people who have read our books. We here at the kennel love it and then we get to pass these kind of comments on to our fantastic authors and illustrators – which is even more exciting (for them and us!)

We publish in a vacuum in a sense – we love the books we publish and then we put them out into the world and hope that people love them too so it is great to hear when someone shares our enthusiasm!

And that is one of the great things about the internet isn’t it? It has created a whole number of avenues for us to talk about all manner of things not least of all is the books that we have just read.

So, feel free to treat this blog as another of those avenues.

If you have just read one of our books leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on it. If you are looking for recommendations, leave a comment and we will help you out.
If you want to leave a comment for an author I will make sure they see it.

Drop in, drop us a line, spread the love …

(a free book to the first person who can tell me what black dog book “spread the love” comes from!)

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