event news from the kennel

Last night we had out first event for the year here in the kennel and it was (if I do say so myself) quite a success. We had three very excellent speakers in Ananda Braxton-Smith, Judith A. Simpson and Tony Thompson who all provided us with some interesting perspectives on how to engage children with the humanities.

After the speeches were over and the wine began to flow we were discussing the differences in writing and whether or not kids should be taught twittering and blogging in the classroom. Lo and behold I’m reading the paper this morning and what headline grabs my eye but this one: British pupils to get lessons on Twitter: report

We live in interesting times.

Thanks to everyone who attended last night and I hoped you enjoyed the night and can make it to the next one. It is really wonderful that you take time out of your schedule to attend these events so I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of black dog books. Without the continued support of people like you we would not be able to publish the titles we do or hold events like this.

Special thanks to the authors who presented Ananda, Judith and Tony – you guys did a great job. Thanks also to the other authors who attended last night Nicolas Brasch whose book Gallipoli: Reckless Valour was launched last night and Amy Hunter whose book Great Aussie Inventions was also launched. And thanks to Corinne Fenton and Bernadette Kelly who came along to show their support.

Remember also that all of our authors and illustrators are available for visits to your school. The details are on the Teachers page of the black dog books website or you can drop me a line if you are so inclined!

Stay tunes to find out who won the door prize – a school visit with Tony Thompson.

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3 Responses to event news from the kennel

  1. Jessica Broadbent says:

    I was at this event and it was such a fun night, thanks so much for putting on wonderful events like this.

    I bought Ananda’s book, The Death, and read it overnight. It was GREAT! I really enjoyed, the little touches of fiction in between the non-fiction were perfect. They really let you feel what it would have been like living with such an epedemic all around you.

    Can’t wait for the next event at the ‘kennel’!

    • blackdogbytes says:

      Thanks Jessica – I am glad you enjoyed it.
      We had a fun time too.

      The Death is a great book, isn’t it? In fact, that whole series – The Drum – is fantastic, the melding of fiction and non-fiction is wonderful and such an interesting way to engage with the story.

      See you next time!

  2. Ananda Braxton-Smith says:

    Hey Jessica: 500 years to live through, 18 months to research and write and you read it in ONE NIGHT ONLY!
    Well done to you.
    Thanks so much for not only buying it with your hard-earned cash, but also reading it, and then blogging about it, to boot!
    I look forward to seeing you at more events …

    yours doggedly, Ananda Braxton-Smith

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