chimpanzees – apes like us

Hi all

So, by know we all know the story of the missile-throwing chimp, right? No? Well follow this link and then you will know what I am talking about.

It has been the topic of much discussion here in the kennel and had us all scurrying out to the storeroom to grab a copy of The Chimpanzee Book by Dr Carla Litchfield to see what else we could find out about chimps.

And what did Dr Carla Litchfield have to teach us about chimps? Amongst other things we learnt from her book that not only can they come up with war strategies, they create ‘mental maps’ of places to help with directions, they use tools to help them get to food supplies, they apply caution when crossing roads and they use kisses and cuddles to ease family tension.
Evolution, anyone?

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